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Hunter Hill Kids

E7 Kids Zone



The Youth Ministry is a very exciting ministry of the Hunter Hill First Missionary Baptist Church, where our Children, Teens and Young Adults learn not only what it means to be a part of the growing body of Christ, but also to start on the path to being faithful servants of the Lord Jesus.







The Youth Choir leads the congregation in worship and praise through the Ministry of Music. Rehearsal:  Saturday before 3rd Sundays at 10AM




Serving as Door Keepers in the house of God, the Ushers greet worshipers and seats them, with a warm smile. Meeting:  Saturday before 3rd Sundays at 10AM




Provides a study of the Word of God in an manner that reaches children on their level. Meeting:  Every Sunday at 9:45AM (except 3rd Sundays)




Through the Ministry of Dances, youth are encouraged to express the essence of worship. Rehearsal:  Thursdays at 7PM


DIVAS (Distinguished Intellectual Victorious Adolescents)


Creating model Christian Women through cultural, spiritual, and physical development.  DIVAS participate in outreach activities, learning workshops and field trips. Meeting: 1st Saturdays at 12Noon


Boyz2Men (Ages 12-18)


Engaging the young men of Hunter Hill in personal mentorships, in order to model and teach the principles of Christian manhood and how to have a strong respect for God, community and self. Meeting: Saturday before 3rd Sundays at llAM


Girl Scouts


Provides training to young girls with a focus on developing them into quality citizens and committed Christians. Meeting: See Michelle Brown for details.