Lady Felicia T. Wimberly








Felicia Taylor Wimberly is a native of Atlanta, Georgia.  She began her career as an honor student in Westlake High School Magnet Math and Science Program. Upon receiving her diploma, she received several offer letters from colleges and universities one of which was Tennessee State University.  TSU granted Felicia Wimberly a General Motors Scholarship from the Engineering department in 1997.  Felicia Wimberly graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering in 2002.  After graduating from TSU, she began a career at Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) in the Department of Infrastructure.  Within three years, she received three promotions and began climbing the corporate ladder at MARTA by managing multi-million dollar projects.

Although her career was rewarding, she enjoys extra curricular activities such as traveling through the US and abroad, reading, and going to the theater (plays).  She also loves to shop, spend quality time with her husband, daughter Jahri, son CJ, and with other family and friends.

In the year of 2008, Felicia Wimberly married the love of her life, Reverend Christopher Wimberly, the proud Pastor of the Hunter Hill First Baptist Church in Atlanta, Ga.  With the help of her parents, Deacon Curtis and Pearl Taylor, they instilled in her at an early age that satisfaction does not come with self worth, but by putting worth into others.  With this in mind, she has carried this into her ministry at Hunter Hill, where she is a member of the Intercessory Prayer Ministry and leads the Women of Hunter Hill Ministry.  Lady Wimberly is excited about GOD and prays that He will continuously bless her so that she may bless the lives of others.