Church History

Hunter Hill

Hunter Hill First Missionary Baptist Church was founded in 1937 under the leadership of Rev. O.S. Dotson along with eight other founding members: Sister Della Dotson, Bro B. W. Dotson, Sister Mae Rose Dotson, Brother V. W. Dotson, Rev. N. K. Kinsey, Sister Marian Parham, Sister Rubye Winfrey and Rev. I. T. Turner. Their meetings were held in members’ homes.  The Sunday school was organized and the church began looking towards the development of a house of worship.

The church was given a plot of land and some building materials by contractor Craig Head.  The members were successful in building a small church. The church was dedicated on December 25, 1938 and was marked the “Entrance and Dedication Day.  Rev. O. S. Dotson served as our first pastor, where he served for two years.  Under his leadership the Deacon Board was established, a minister was ordained, and Choir #1 was organized.  The nine original members have passed away but members of their families still hold active membership within the church.

Rev. N.G. Green served as pastor for six months in 1941, followed by Rev. John T. Thomas who served for eighteen months adding two deacons to the Deacon Board.  B. W. Paige was pastor from 1944 to 1957. During his pastorate several deacons were ordained, as well as the licensing and ordaining of several preachers.  Various auxiliaries were also established.  In 1957 the church was moved to its current location at 166 Edwards Street.  Rev. F. L. Taylor was then elected and served for sixteen months.  Rev. Bowen was pastor in1959 under his leadership eight deacons were ordained.  In October 1960, the church was destroyed by a fire. Church services were held at E.C. Clements Elementary School. Rev. J. C Ward, who was an assistant to Rev. Bowen was called to pastor in 1963.  In less than a year the church moved to a newly constructed chapel located at 166 Edwards Street. In 1968 the church moved from the old sanctuary (which is now the education building) into its new edifice (presently known as the J. C. Ward Fellowship Hall).  Rev. Ward served faithfully as pastor for twelve years until he was called home to rest in 1975.  In 1976, Rev. E. W. Lumpkin served as pastor for five years which included the burning of our church mortgage, ordaining two ministers, licensing another, and ordaining six deacons. Then in 1981, Rev. Aaron Jones, Jr. was called as the ninth pastor and served for eleven and a half years.  Under his leadership, the present edifice was built in 1987.

From August of 1993 until our tenth pastor was called, the church was without a pastor and worked faithfully and prayerfully together under the leadership of Chairman John B. Dotson and the Board of Deacons. Through the Mt. Calvary Association, four deacons were ordained and one minister was licensed to preach.  In August of 1994, Rev. Gerard A. Ancrum became the tenth pastor of our great church, He served for three and one half years before resigning in 1998.  On October 30, 1998, Rev. John K. Pinkney was called as the eleventh pastor.  He established the John Pickney Gospel Choir, the completion of the new roof, church marquee board, and new carpeting are among many projects.  On May 25, 2003, Rev. Pickney resigned after serving four years.

In June 2004, Hunter Hill was sent a great man of God by the name Rev. Christopher Wimberly, who now serves as our Pastor and Visionary.  Under the outstanding leadership of Pastor Wimberly, Hunter Hill First Missionary Baptist Church is now on a mission to evangelize, enlighten, embrace, encourage, equip, empower, and exalt the people of God.

We embrace and honor our past, and we eagerly look forward to God’s richest blessings today and beyond.