Hello friend,

It is with divine love that I greet you! Without a doubt God’s grace is continually sufficient in all of our lives. To HIM alone be glory and honor!

I’d like to welcome you to the The Hunter Hill First Missionary Baptist Church website. Your interest in our ministry is a tremendous honor and blessing to us. Our earnest desire is to serve and minister to you with excellence, comprehensiveness and simplicity.

As you peruse the site, prayerfully you will be enriched, enlightened, edified and empowered. Please feel free to share your suggestions and feedback as to how we can enhance it further.

The Hunter Hill First Missionary Baptist Church strives to be “One Church Ministering to Five Generations”. It is our hope that you will see evidence of that through our ministry endeavors. Thanks for logging on and always remember, if you will be good to God, then God will be good to you.


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